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Mobile Strategy

Increasing Patient Loyalty with Mobile Apps

With healthcare systems constantly fighting to not only win patients, but keep patients loyal, what’s an innovative way to stand out?  Take a look at 3 mHealth tips to increase patient loyalty using mobile apps:


Mobile Brands

Is a Brand Without an App Still the Same?

Mobile apps have undergone a major transformation, from being novelties to tools that make workflows easier and more efficient.  Here’s what app categories are experiencing the most growth, and what this could mean for brands thinking about native mobile apps:


Mobile Health

Survey: Patients Interested in Monitoring Health Data

These 3 app security issues are changing the standard for creating mobile apps. Here’s what to be aware of when using apps, and what security mechanisms are most effective for eliminating threats from hackers:


Mobile Engagement

How Many Push Notifications Before a User Deletes an App?

A survey from Localytics addresses how many push notifications are too much. Based on a sample of 1,000 smartphone users, here’s the best type of push notifications for maximizing engagement, how many to send in a one week period, and what customers like and dislike about them:



Tip of the Week

9 Ways to Thrill Mobile App Users

Engaged users stick around, but providing a mobile app is only half the battle. With the average app losing 77 percent of its users within the first three days, here’s 9 strategies that can help protect your user base and keep them engaged: