This Week’s Top News:

MobileSmith is at HIMSS-14! Visit us at booth #411

MOBILE WEBINAR: 5 Best Mobile UX Practices to Maximize Customer Engagement

MobileSmith is hosting a free webinar on March 19th to share UX/UI design tips and strategies for maximizing customer engagement. How can you use DIY app development tools to design addictive mobile UX? Visit the MobileSmith website and sign up for the webinar to find out.


MOBILE ACQUISITIONS: What Does Facebook’s $19B Purchase of WhatsApp Mean for the Mobile World?

Facebook forked over $19B worth of cash and stock in order to purchase the mobile messaging service, WhatsApp. With 450 million (and growing) users and a $1/year subscription, WhatsApp is one of the few apps that is already profitable. What impact will this have on the value of other mobile apps?


MOBILE SYSTEMS: The Smartphone App Wars Are Over, and Apple Won

Despite Android smartphones outnumbering Apple iPhones, iOS still maintains an advantage when it comes to apps. This could be because many developers can only afford to launch apps on one system, and Android is significantly harder to develop for. Will apps have a major effect on the smartphone market?


MOBILE MARKETING: 6 Ways to Win in Today’s Hyper Competitive App Markets

In a very prosperous and crowded app market, what are some of the strategies developers should use to succeed? Apple and Google both have over one million apps in their stores. Google features and App Store Optimization (ASO) are some things developers should utilize in order to boost their app’s presence.


MOBILE HEALTH: New Apps May Help Detect Seizures, Treat Strokes

Two new apps may help people detect and treat seizures and get better stroke treatment, according to a physician-conducted study. The apps have been tested on subjects in India and were informative in 87 percent of observations. Will these apps be the next breakthrough in mHealth technology?



App Canvas

NEW! You can now format your date and time elements throughout your app’s canvas pages.


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