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MOBILE STRATEGY: App Upgrades with MADPs: How to Save Your Enterprise Time and Money

Less than 1/5 of all app users will open an app more than twice, creating a premium on user smartphone space. Continual upgrading of the app is essential to maintain a fresh experience for the user, yet custom development can get ridiculously expensive. What is the enterprise solution to keep their app sticky? Read More ->

MOBILE HEALTH: 5 Design Tips for a Great Mobile Health App Experience

mHealth is a choice industry for developers to try and break into, yet getting provider and patient to adopt the technology is no easy task. A good design is an essential first step to tap into the mHealth app gold mine. What are the best practices to take to ensure your mHealth app success? Read More ->

MOBILE ENTERPRISE: Why Enterprise Apps Are the Most Lucrative to Build

While social media, messaging and gaming apps are by far the most widely used types of apps, enterprise apps are far more profitable on average. Enterprise app developers earn almost three times that of a typical consumer app developer. What makes enterprise apps so profitable? Read More ->

MOBILE SECURITYApps Can Protect Your Smartphone from Government Spies

Through all the leaks and NSA tapping scandals, we have come to realize that our phone data is not as secure as we would like. Many developers have seized this opportunity to develop apps that can keep the snoops out of your sensitive information. What apps will keep your information secure from prying eyes? Read More ->

MOBILE RIVALRY: Google Takes Aim at Apple Pay in Mobile Payments Race

Capulet and Montague; Red Sox and Yankees; cats and dogs; mobile rivals Google and Apple never miss an opportunity to try and one up the other, and now this rivalry has spread to the mobile payments arena. Google is taking aim at Apple Pay in their latest salvo. How will Google Wallet compare with Apple Pay? Read More ->


Versioning Keeps Your App Fresh and On Customers’ Phones

Versioning, or upgrading, your app is essential to keep the user experience fresh for your consumers. MobileSmith enables rapid app versioning without starting from scratch!

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