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MOBILE NEWS: Sarasota Memorial App Aims to Ease Hospital Wayfinding with Beacons

Hospitals can be be tricky places to get around, with a labyrinth of hallways and staircases, a daunting task in what, for many, is already a daunting place. Recognizing this, Sarasota Memorial Health system launched an innovative new app to help their patients and visitors easily find their way around the campus. How does the Sarasota Memorial app work? Read More ->

MOBILE HISTORY: 1983 to Today: A History of Mobile Apps

The mobile app has been such a transformational innovation for today’s society, and the app’s journey over the past three decades has been a wild yet fascinating ride. A new infographic brings color to the history and provides great insight on where they will go from here. Where did the goodies on your smartphone come from? Read More ->

MOBILE HEALTH: Smartphone Apps as Accurate as Fitness Trackers

While fitness trackers like Jawbone and Fitbit are all the range right now, are they really worth the money? A new study reveals that smartphone apps may be just as effective in monitoring fitness, at a fraction of the cost. Why are smartphones the equal of these wearables? Read More ->

MOBILE MARKETINGLeBron’s Arena is Bringing Home the Beacon

Beacon technology is popping up more and more throughout the mobile app world, and the Cleveland Cavaliers new app is the latest to join the fun. Gimbal beacons are helping LeBron’s team interact with fans in exciting new ways. What fun features lie in store for app users at Cavs games? Read More ->

MOBILE LOVE: Can an App Really Make You Fall In Love with Anyone?

When it comes to love, a ridiculous amount of money has been spent trying to find the perfect formula to make it happen. App stores have been inundated with hundreds of apps claiming to be the perfect mobile Cupid, but do any of them work? The recent app results may surprise you. Read More ->


Interact with Users in Your Venue with App Beacons

Integrating Gimbal beacons with your app can create superior ways to engage and assist your consumers from proximity-based messaging, to mobile wayfinding, and more!

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Beacons are Great for Hospital Wayfinding