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Mobile Strategy

3 App Ideas to Revamp Your Healthcare Marketing Strategy

The mobile health market is exploding, so what’s an easy way to revitalize your healthcare marketing plan? Here’s 3 mobile app use cases that could transform your healthcare brand this year:


Mobile Government

Webinar: Gov’t Health Meets mHealth

Have questions about how to bring mobile innovation to government health in an affordable way? Register for a webinar on 3/9 at 1:00PM EST to learn how key gov’t stakeholders can get into mobile quickly and expand their existing capabilities:


Mobile Hospitals

2 of 3 Major Hospitals Offer Mobile Apps

A majority of major hospitals in the U.S. have provided at least one mobile app to patients, but what’s the most important factor for providers to consider? Here’s what healthcare brands should keep in mind when creating mobile apps for patients:


Mobile Apps

Do Apple’s Native Apps Need Work?

Are some of Apple’s own native apps failing to meet their own self-imposed standards? Here’s four key areas that have spelled trouble for many Apple users, and what this could mean for Apple moving forward:


Mobile Tech

Do Wearables Suffer From a Lack of Apps?

With wearables ranging from smartbands to virtual reality headsets on the market, are the lack of apps holding them back from becoming useful in multiple industries? Here’s a few reasons why solving this problem is important for the future of enterprise wearables: