This  Week’s Top News:

MOBILE TESTING: 5 Mobile Testing Tips to Ensure a Sticky App

While apps continue to dominate the average smartphone, a recent study revealed that a single bug in a app will cause nearly half of the users to immediately delete it. Forrester’s overview on mobile app testing showed many developers are not putting in the testing effort they need to ensure a bug-free app. What are the mobile testing practices will keep your app sticking to users phones? Read More ->

MOBILE WORLD: Russia Declares War…on the App Stores?

The U.S. is front and center in the mobile industry and Russia is none too pleased with the development. American giants Google and Apple control a whopping 96% of today’s mobile market share with few others gaining any sort of lasting momentum. What are Russia’s battle plans to shift the app store balance? Read More ->

MOBILE ENTERPRISE: 3 Strategies for Winning in the World of Mobile Apps

Already a cornerstone of user engagement, mobile apps have expanded into multiple levels of business, becoming essential conduits to drive success in the era of smartphones. Yet, many businesses still aren’t using mobile to its full potential. What app tactics will lead your enterprise to the mobile win? Read More ->

MOBILE TRENDSWhy ‘Paid’ is a Four-Letter Word with Apps

Paid apps continue to be taboo for the average mobile user, as a recent study showed that only 1/3 of mobile users in the United States will pay for an app this year. The study noted that a dollar sign in front of an app is guaranteed to decrease installs considerably. What will drive smartphone downloads among your users? Read More ->

MOBILE HEALTH: FDA Lightens Regulations on mHealth Apps

The fear of FDA regulation has been one of the leading inhibitors of the mHealth revolution, as few have been able to predict the agency’s position on apps and healthcare. The final guidance just released from the agency, has health app developers finally breathing a sigh of relief. What will the new regulations mean for mHealth apps? Read More ->