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This Week’s Top Stories:

MOBILE APPS: Mobile App Revolution – or App Fatigue?

Some experts compare the mobile app revolution to the Industrial Revolution in its disruptive impact on all industries.  Others already observe signs of app fatigue, predicting major market shifts in 2014.  Who is right, and what is the key to staying afloat?

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MOBILE ENTERPRISE: How Will Enterprise App Stores Evolve?

By the time 2017 hits, nearly a quarter of enterprises will have an app store.  But how will enterprise app stores evolve in the coming year?  Will blurring the lines between mobile content and mobile apps affect the adoption?

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MOBILE TRENDS: What Are the 5 Hottest Trends for 2014?

Mobiquity founder, Bill Seibel, has identified five trends  that he thinks will predominate in the mobile space next year. These trends will look good for Apple, Google, AT&T, and Tesla and not as good for Blackberry, Microsoft, Ford and GM.

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MOBILE GAMIFICATION: Can Gamification Apps Meet Business Objectives by 2014?

According to M2, the market for mobile gamification apps  and services will reach approximately half a billion dollars this year and rise to $2.8 billion by 2016. However, many of these mobile apps may fail to catch on.

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MOBILE TRAVEL: Will the FCC Allow Mobile Phone Calls During Flights?

In October, the Federal Aviation Administration decided to allow passengers to use electronic devices during take-off and landing. Now the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is considering the ban on mobile phone calls during flights.

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