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MOBILE HEALTH: Wellness Apps Help Empower and Engage Patients

A 2012 Deloitte survey showed that despite the abundance of web and mobile content, patients still rely on their healthcare provider for wellness-related educational information. Learn how branded wellness apps can become efficient patient engagement tools for hospitals!
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MOBILE ENTERPRISE: Do Enterprise Apps Effectively Address Content Management?

There is an increased push for employees to put content to work anytime, anywhere. Enabling mobile content management is the last mile in the shift to mobile. By not addressing the mobile content demand in enterprise apps, bigger issues may result.
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INTERNET TRENDS : How Will ‘The Internet of Things’ Drive Mobile Device Use?

The Internet of Things (IoT) represents a major departure in the history of the Internet, as connections move beyond computing devices, and begin to power billions of everyday devices. Estimates for IoT market value are massive as the IoT is set to account for roughly 9 billion devices by 2018.
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MOBILE CONSUMERS : Asian Americans Emerge as Powerful Economic Force

A recent report by Nielsen reveals Asian Americans as one of the fastest growing multicultural segments in the U.S. with an outsized impact on the consumer marketplace. They currently make up the leading segment of online shoppers, with 77 percent making Internet purchases within the past year alone.
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MOBILE CHRISTMAS : What Electronic Devices are Americans Buying for the Holidays?

Nearly 64% of Americans plan to spend at least part of their 2013 holiday gift budget on electronic devices, and it seems as though tablets are the most popular electronic device for this holiday gift giving season, with 29% planning to purchase one. This number bumps up to 38% for those with children in the household, according to a recent report by Ipsos Public Affairs.
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