This Week’s Top Stories:

MOBILE APPS: 5 Tips for Creating a Better Mobile User Experience

What better way to reach the ever-increasing market of mobile users than through a custom mobile app that offers a unique user experience? Here are the top five tips for improving your app’s UX for optimal performance? Read More →

MOBILE TRENDS: Are Mobile Apps Replacing Websites?

An increasing number of companies are developing mobile-first or mobile-only strategies that prioritize customers’ experience on smartphones and tablets over desktop computers, which have long been the way most people access the Internet. Read More →

MOBILE COMMERCE: Online Shopping Grows 14.5% Over 4-Day Weekend

According to a new report by IBM, online shopping trends in the U.S. showed that Americans spent nearly $3 billion  shopping online over the 4-day Thanksgiving holiday weekend; and nearly a quarter of those sales were made using smartphones and tablets. Read More →

MOBILE RESEARCH: Is Mobile Well-Suited to the Big Data Lens?

The new report by BI Intelligence provides insight into the mobile revolution in Big Data. According to BI, mobile big data presents dizzying opportunities for improving customer metrics, particularly customer retention and location-based targeting. Read More →

MOBILE DEVICES: Is Cyber Monday Going Mobile?

According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), more than 140 million people went shopping from Thanksgiving through Sunday and spent more than $57 billion, but the NRF found that another 131 million consumers are waiting to shop online for Cyber Monday deals. Of those, nearly 25 million are expected to use smartphones and tablets – a 22% increase over last year. Read More →