This  Week’s Top News:

MOBILE TIPS: 5 App Submission Tips to Avoid the Dreaded Rejection

Getting an app into the stores is one of the most overlooked, and very frustrating stages of mobile app development. The rules set forth by the mobile giants, Apple and Google, can present a significant obstacle to businesses trying to reach their mobile consumers. What tactics can ensure that your app gets where it needs to be? Read More ->

MOBILE FUTURE: The Dynamically Delivered Future of Mobile Apps

Today’s app delivery consists primarily of the app store….and that’s it, creating a bottleneck for the millions of apps all craving the almighty download. While many are working to optimize the current system, some argue there are better methods to get apps to users. Is dynamic delivery the answer to app store stagnation? Read More ->

MOBILE HEALTH: Mobile Health Predictions for 2015

2015 is shaping up to be a fascinating and crucial year for the mobile health industry. Questions surrounding HIPAA, wearable devices, and the security of patient data, abound throughout mHealth circles, and many are hoping for some answers in 2015. What lies in store for in the providers’ mobile future? Read More ->

MOBILE MARKETINGThe New Personalized Touch of Mobile Marketing

Enterprises are digging deep into the bag of marketing tactics this season, in their efforts to reach consumers. Creating a personalized mobile experience has become the hot strategy this season as businesses use app technology to create unique content for their users. Is the personal touch the key for your mobile marketing? Read More ->

MOBILE DEVICES: Demise of Google Glass Nothing but a Rumor

The epitaph of Google Glass has already been written by several in the mobile industry, yet some are expecting a resurgence in the coming year. The healthcare industry, especially, is watching with particular interest as a new version of the technology is in the works. How does Google plan to spur the Google Glass comeback? Read More ->