This  Week’s Top News:

MOBILE NEWS: MobileSmith Delivers a Private Cloud Appliance – MobileSmith Pod

The power of the MobileSmith platform is now available as a private cloud appliance, with last week’s release of MobileSmith Pod. The ability to now place the platform behind internal firewalls and connect directiy to backend data sources are two of the ways MobileSmith Pod delivers a higher level of control over their apps. How will MobileSmith Pod enhance your app building experience?  Read More ->

MOBILE EVENT: Share the mHealth Summit Buzz, with the Mobile Health Happy Hour

The mHealth Summit, in Washington D.C. is right around the corner, and MobileSmith is teaming with the App Developers Alliance to help spread the mHealth buzz around with the Mobile Health Hour. Join us on Wednesday, December 10 from 6:00-8:00PM at Public House National Harbor for some great discussion along with an open bar. If you stop by our mHealth Summit booth, we may even register you for free. Register Here ->

MOBILE HEALTH: How to Establish an mHealth BYOD Policy

With smartphones flooding the workplace, BYOD in the healthcare industry may be inevitable, but hospitals are moving quickly to prepare. An early start is one of the most important factors hospitals have found to implementing a successful BYOD program. What other factors will securely set your hospital up for mobile success? Read More ->

MOBILE ADVERTISINGTwitter Wants to Spy on Your Mobile Apps

With social media giants routinely trying to better target ads to their users, Twitter has left no stone unturned, and soon will leave no app either. The company will start collecting data on what apps users have downloaded on their phones, spurring much skepticism among the user base. How can users keep Twitter out of their apps? Read More ->

MOBILE SHOPPING: Big Retailers Turn to Apps in the War Against Amazon

Amazon has reinvented retail, by allowing consumers to shop for almost anything from the comfort of their recliner, and traditional big-name retailers like Wal-Mart and Target are feeling the pinch. Mobile apps are the new weapon of choice of these retailers as they try to regain consumers. Are mobile apps and a physical store the ingredients to retailers’ holiday magic? Read More ->


Enable Your Consumers to Reach You From Your App!

You can help your consumers easily reach you with your new app. From e-mail to a contact page, and even tap-to-call directly from the app, the MobileSmith platform offers several options to keep the communication flowing. Read More -> 

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