This  Week’s Top News:

MOBILE NEWS: UCLA Health App Built With MobileSmith Earns Web Health Award

The elite in health care are reaping in the app spotlight with MobileSmith as UCLA Health’s app earned a Web Health Bronze Award. One of the top five health systems in the nation according to U.S. News, this is the first award for the hospital’s new app. How did the UCLA Health app take home the hardware?  Read More ->

MOBILE YEAR-IN-REVIEW: Apple Reveals the Most Downloaded Apps of 2014

2014 is drawing to a close, and the mobile explosion has seen billions of app downloads this year. Both Apple and Google Play have released their top lists of most downloaded apps (see Google’s top apps of 2014). What apps were getting all the user love in 2014? Read More ->

MOBILE HEALTH: How Fitness Apps Can Impact Your Work Performance

Americans put in more hours at the office than nearly any other country, and this can come at the expense of much needed rest and exercise. The rise of mobile has provided the American worker with an opportunity to improve both productivity and overall health in the form of fitness apps. Just how do fitness apps jumpstart your work performance? Read More ->

MOBILE SECURITYMobile Ad Firms Spotted Serving Up Malware Posing As Android Apps

The shadier side of the internet has been caught crossing over to mobile. Several mobile advertisers have been caught promoting Android apps that in reality are nothing more than mobile malware. What exactly is this malware doing to the phone bills of Android users? Read More ->

MOBILE DEVICES: Google Removes Amazon’s App Listing From Google Play

The app store competition between the mobile has had some strange twists and turns, and now Google and Amazon are secretly at war. Google removed Amazon’s main app last week from Google Play stores to start this mobile fracas. What did Amazon do to deserve the blow? Read More ->


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