This Week’s Top Stories:

MOBILE APPS: How to Roll Out Multiple Mobile Apps in Days

Launching multiple mobile apps is becoming the norm in today’s customer engagement. But what if your company is seeking to expand multichannel engagement across hundreds of local branches? How do you build so many apps to accommodate different local audiences within a short time frame? Read More →

MOBILE DEVICES: Have Tablets Surpassed Smartphones for Online Shopping?

This year will mark a major milestone for tablets and their influence on Internet retailers. Business Insider predicts that tablets will draw even with smartphones, and account for 50% of the total value of U.S. retail sales made over mobile devices. Read More →

MOBILE ENTERPRISE: Are Employers More Lenient Towards BYOD?

According to a study of 2 million mobile devices managed by Fiberlink, employers are favoring more lenient mobile security policies for employee-owned mobile devices compared to those that are corporate-owned. This is despite growing concern regarding the security over Bring-Your-Own-Devices (BYOD). Read More →

MOBILE TECH: Salesforce Revamps Software for Influx of Purported Tablet Users

In an effort to ensure that clients and partners will be able to use more features of the company’s sales, marketing and customer service software, Salesforce has introduced a completely revamped version of its mobile software.The software, called Salesforce1, is aimed at helping businesses customize their experience from smartphones and tablets. Read More →

MOBILE TRAVEL: Can We Finally Use Our Mobile Devices on Airplanes?

Yes and no. Back in January 2013, FAA Administrator, Michael Huerta, issued a request that the FAA create a special personal electronic device (PED) committee to tackle the question of in-flight electronics use. This resulted in the agency’s decision to relax regulations on the use of mobile devices during flights. However, this new rule may not be effective for all aircraft carriers as some have not yet tested the readiness of their aircraft to support PEDs. Read More →