This  Week’s Top News:

MOBILE NEWS: Robert Wood Johnson Chooses MobileSmith to Accelerate Its Mobile App Strategy 

MobileSmith is thrilled to announce that Robert Wood Johnson has chosen the MobileSmith app development platform to produce innovative mobile resources for their patients and employees. Within the first few days, Robert Wood Johnson has already built and launched a cross-platform app for their Executive Health program.  Robert Wood Johnson is the latest in a series of elite hospitals and healthcare providers to chose MobileSmith to create engaging and award winning mobile apps for their facilities. Read More >

MOBILE WEB: HTML5 is Finalized, Finally

After nearly eight years of work, HTML5 has been finally finalized as a standard. HTML5 enables a cross-platform alternative to native mobile applications for individual operating systems. Is the HTML5 ready to make an impact in the mobile application industry? How does it stand against native apps?  Read More >

MOBILE TIPS: 10 Ingredients to Concoct an Addictive Mobile App

Within a few short years, the smartphone and the mobile app have become staples of everyday life for millions of Americans, yet how does an app become one of those staples? An addicting mobile app is an essential start point for any business looking to continually engage or entertain their consumer base. Will this mobile app strategy attach your creation to the smartphone masses? Read More >

MOBILE HEALTH: mHealth Lessons from Ebola Crisis Spurring Tech Innovation

The Ebola epidemic has dominated the spotlight of late, as world struggles to contain and defeat the deadly disease, yet behind the very dark cloud, there may yet be a silver lining for the healthcare industry.  Mobile healthcare was increasingly used in the battle against Ebola, and the many technological innovations created to combat the crisis will serve to benefit the future of general healthcare as well.  Is mHealth the light at the end of the Ebola tunnel? Read More >

MOBILE TRENDS: Smartphones Are the Hotel Room Keys to the Future

We’ve seen many normal features of every day life fall into obsolescence with the advance of smartphone technology, and the hotel room key may be the next thing to go.  Starwood became one of the first hotel systems to enable guests to bypass registration and access their room with a tap of their smartphone, and the Hilton chain is expected to offer the same within the next year.  What everyday item will the mobile application supplant next?  Read More >