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MOBILE HEALTH: Mobile App or Mobile Web- The Hospitals mHealth Dilemma

Hospitals have found themselves at a crossroads in healthcare today, as the mobile wave is sweeping through the industry. While the staying power of mobile is clear, the question for hospitals is what works best for them, a mobile app or a mobile website? With a plethora of vital factors for hospitals to consider, the answer isn’t as simple as it appears.  Read More >

MOBILE HEALTH: Mobile Medical Apps: A Market on the Move

Is the elusive mHealth boom right around the corner? A new study suggests that by next year at least 500 million smartphone users worldwide will be using health apps, with the number expected to surge into the billions by 2017.  Is the mHealth industry ready to surge forward, and if so, who will be left behind? Read More ->

MOBILE ENTERTAINMENT: Mobile to Television: We Interrupt This Broadcast (Again)

The rise of the smartphone app and mobile streaming has sewn chaos into the cable television industry, as more users ditch expensive cable providers for the much cheaper streaming apps. In just the past two years, according to a recent Flurry report, time spent on mobile has nearly doubled, surging ahead of the television, and opening up a better medium for reaching consumers. Has the mobile app killed television? Read More ->

MOBILE STATSDespite the Smartphone Gap, iOS App Launches Are Nearly Double That of Android

Android has been destroying iOS in marketshare of smartphones, yet the Apple product is stil crushing Android in terms of app launches and overall usage. While this is an ongoing theme in the smartphone industry, most reports have been at a loss to find the real reason for this disparity.  Is this gap a reflection of user mindset or the superiority of one operating system? Read More ->

MOBILE DEVICES: Fawning Over Phones: Should We Worry About Our Mobile Addiction?

We keep reading articles about the rise in smartphone usage and how mobile is revolutionizing a multitude of industries, but do we have a mobile addiction? According to Ericsson, 90% of the world’s population over age six will have smartphone. Despite the massive advances from smartphones and apps, is there such a thing as too much mobile? Read More ->


Easily Test Your App on Multiple Mobile Devices!

The MobileSmith platform enables you to send your app, over-the-air, to real mobile devices so you can test the app to your standard of perfection. Read More -> 

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