This  Week’s Top News:

MOBILE HEALTH: Freeman Health Launches First Mobile App with MobileSmith

Freeman Health has become the latest health system to enhance patient service, using the MobileSmith platform to release their mobile resource, Freeman Everywhere. Streaming ER wait times and a full physician directory are just a couple of the tools that Freeman Everywhere delivers to a nearly 500,000 strong patient base. What’s the most impressive aspect of Freeman’s mobile efforts? Read More >

MOBILE TRENDS: ESPN’s New Mobile Strategy: Cutting Back on the Apps?

The premiere name in American sports media, ESPN has always been on the forefront with mobile technology, offering dozens of apps to their consumers. This led to a small surprise as the sports giant turned against conventional mobile wisdom and is eliminating several of their app portfolio, in favor of fewer, more comprehensive apps.  What will this strategy mean for ESPN’s thousands of mobile users? Read More ->

MOBILE MARKETING: Dumped! 6 Reasons Why Users Deleted Your App

The relationship between a person and their app is a truly fickle thing. App users will delete around 90% of all the apps they download at some point, and enterprises are especially struggling to maintain a regular spot on their consumers’ smartphones. Is your business in danger of falling victim to app deletion? Read More ->

MOBILE TECHWill Google Glass Become This Era’s Segway?

Once hailed as a game-changer, dominating the headlines of the mobile technology world, Google Glass now appears to be at a major crossroads. With Glass users regarded more with a tone humor than awe, and app developers starting to bail, many are concerned that Glass is nothing more than a niche item. Is Google Glass doomed to join the Segway on the island of misfit technology? Read More ->

MOBILE ENTERPRISE: Mobile Apps in the Workplace: The Productivity Payoff

Think about this fact, the average American interacts with their mobile device over 150 times per day. The mobile revolution has been noticed in the business world too, with enterprise leaders claiming that mobile apps could lead to a 40% increase in productivity. Are we witnessing the beginning of a major shift in the workplace environment? Read More ->


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