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Mobile Health

Apple Watch or Pavlov’s Watch? – Can Mobile Healthcare Transform Patients?

Mobile healthcare apps are causing a Pavlovian-like response for many with wearables, but are these apps really effective for long term success? In our latest blog, we’ll explore the current dialogue:


Mobile Stats

Survey: Half of All Downloaders Quit Using mHealth Apps

App downloaders have chimed in: Many don’t have much patience for mHealth apps after downloading them. Discover three key reasons found to be crucial in choosing to quit some mobile health apps:


Mobile OS

Android Must Avoid These Hurdles in the Future to Remain #1

Android is still the most used mobile operating system, but several challenges exist that could threaten its survival. These key opportunities and weaknesses could make or break its future:


Mobile Dev

Mobile App Developers are Suffering, Here’s Why:

Creating native mobile apps is proving to be difficult for some developers, many who have a foundation in creating web apps. Take a look at the challenges and problems developers are facing in the current app ecosystem:


Mobile Tech

Are Wearables Creating a Huge Data Timebomb?

With mobile devices harvesting data, is there a huge data timebomb waiting to go off? Here’s how data is already influencing the decisions of some wearable users:


Video of the Week

Creating an App Mockup from Scratch and From a Model

In this week’s video, MobileSmith’s Client Success Team will walk you through how easy it is to create an app from scratch or from a model with the MobileSmith platform. Here’s how easy it is to get set up:

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