This  Week’s Top News:

FREE WEBINAR: Mobile App Marketing Tips for Healthcare Providers

Building an app for your hospital can be fun and essential project for your hospital. Yet getting patients to discover the app, and use your resource can present a challenge. We’re teaming with marketing experts Method Savvy to offer a FREE Webinar, on Wednesday, December 3, from 1:00-1:30PM EST, to help healthcare leaders achieve the best results from their app and maximize ROI. Sign Up Today! ->

MOBILE TIPS: 3 App Development Tips to Survive the Zombie App-ocalypse

80 percent of all apps in the stores are classified as “zombie apps”. These apps don’t get downloaded or used, not because they are poor apps, but because they are buried amidst the millions of apps in the stores, with few ways to find them. Is your app in danger of becoming infected? Here are some app development tips to enhance your mobile creation and catch the eye of your consumers.  Read More ->

MOBILE HEALTH: How Mobile Technology Is Improving Employee Well-Being

The smartphone has now found its way into the hands of 2/3 of American adults, and many users are starting to notice a positive impact on their health. Half of these smartphone users have downloaded some sort of wellness app, improving their health tracking abilities in a number of areas. Will the  smartphone become an essential tool for Americans to extend their lifespan? Read More ->

MOBILE SECURITY: Why You Should Worry About HTML5 Mobile Apps

HTML5 has been gaining some steam now that the standard has been completed, but security concerns still threaten to overshadow the latest advances. While native apps have been able to tighten up security, HTML5 apps use middleware frameworks that are susceptible to malicious code injections. Will the security flaws of HTML5 tip the app development scales against it? Read More ->

MOBILE TECH: Microsoft Office Now On Your Smartphone…For Free

Microsoft Office products have been a staple on American computers for decades, and last week, Microsoft announced that the document software will be released for iOS and Android…and it’s free.  With the app, users will be able to use basic tools to write and edit documents, while advanced features will be available with a subscription. Will this help the smartphone revolutionize the workplace? Read More ->