This  Week’s Top News:

MOBILE HEALTH: Can Branded Health Apps Improve Hospital Ratings?

With hospitals, like anything else, if you want to be the best, you have to act like the best. These days, the best hospitals are moving hard in the direction of branded health apps. Analysis of the Top Hospitals, according to US News and World Report, revealed a near 200% increase in number of apps offered by these hospitals, with the top four accounting for 67% of the apps. While there is yet to be a statistical correlation between patient satisfaction and mobile apps, it is clear that the elite systems have recognized their potential value. Read More >

MOBILE TRENDS: Half of Mobile Users Are Finding New Apps Through App Store Search

App download numbers have been starting to slow, and while some believe this trend means mobile apps are less in demand, others argue that a decent mobile search tool could send the numbers soaring again. A recent study showed that between 47%-53% of U.S. mobile users found their last app in the app stores, with user recommendation or review accounting for another quarter of downloads. Is easier discoverability the answer to drive app downloads to greater heights?  Read More >

MOBILE SERVICE: 6 Ways Apps Help You Improve Your Customer Service

Mobile apps are more than just a fashion statement for today’s businesses; in fact, they provide an exceptional means for businesses to enhance the service(s) offered to their customers.  Apps can enable better communication with your consumers, track browsing trends, find out what is perking your users’ interest and more. Will business owners harness the power of apps as a customer service tool or does it remain a resource for the rich?   Read More >

MOBILE SECURITY: Should You Be Worried About Mobile Malware?

Much has been made about the perceived lack of security in mobile apps, to the point where it has hindered mobile adoption in several high-value areas, especially healthcare. While incidents of mobile malware nearly doubled in the past year, to affect nearly 40000 American users, the recent Home Depot website hack, alone, snagged the info of some 56 million cardholders. Google claims they see the majority of incidents related to mobile malware in areas such as Russia and Vietnam, where unauthorized app stores flourish.  Read More >