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Mobile Enterprise

Streamline Appointment Setting with a Simple Workflow App

Have an outdated, cumbersome workflow that isn’t making your life more efficient, but don’t know what to do about it? For common processes like appointment-setting, things can get messy when systems aren’t ready for mobile. Here’s how to link this information together in a handy appointment app, and improve your workflow dramatically:


Mobile Ideas

Thinking About a Killer App? What You Should Be Aware of

Lots of people have innovative app ideas, but most will fail in the market without careful planning. Check out what to look for before you begin your mobile app project, and why it’s important to be aware of these three things:



Mobile Marketing

5 Effective Ways to Market a Mobile App

Thinking about getting started with mobile apps, but not sure how to market them? For consumer apps, mobile marketing is extremely important, so here’s 5 ways to market your brand’s mobile app:


Mobile Market

The Current State of the iOS and Android Wars

The iOS and Android operating system wars are continuing, but is one OS gaining traction over the other?  Find out who leads in customer loyalty, and what predictions are for the future of mobile operating systems::


Video of the Week

Building Connected Apps with MobileSmith 4.0 – REST Services and OAuth

Connecting content throughout your app is easier than ever with MobileSmith 4.0. MobileSmith Product Director Drew Ramsey introduces the new features of the MobileSmith platform like REST Services and OAuth that make this possible. Learn what use cases are possible:

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