This  Week’s Top News:

MOBILE WEBINAR: 5 Steps to an Agile Mobile Strategy for Your Hospital

How can your hospital rapidly create mobile apps as great patient engagement tools? Attending our webinar, on Wednesday, November 19, 1:00-1:30 EST, will introduce you to a bounty of engaging and innovative use cases you can use for your patients, and establish your hospital’s foundation for a bright mHealth future.  Come join us and build an agile mobile strategy for your hospital- no IT required! Sign Up Today >

MOBILE SEARCH: In the Wild West of Apps, Will Mobile Search Bring Order to the Industry?

It is a long, frustrating effort, in the app world today, trying to locate information inside of an app. While search engines served to skyrocket the popularity of the internet, and companies like Google; today’s innovators haven’t found an efficient way to do the same thing for mobile apps, leading many to question the viability of apps long term. Will any of these startup efforts bring about an effective mobile search option and start another app renaissance?  Read More >

MOBILE NEWS: Microsoft Opens its Secret Garage and Reveals Several Cool Apps

Microsoft’s Garage has long been a place for internal development; where Microsoft minds worked on projects in private, away from the public eye. This changed earlier this week as the corporation unlocked the doors to their Garage, and instead of old cars unveiled a trove of innovative mobile apps to the world. Will tech giants own the future of app development? Read More >

MOBILE HEALTH: In a Jetsons World, Why Do Doctor’s Offices Resemble The Flintstones?

With all the innovative tools and apps that mHealth has delivered to advance healthcare, new technology is still heavily reliant on providers to recommend and provide usage instructions. While a lack of security is a top concern, many feel that healthcare is still living in the past and not doing enough to engage patients with these new mobile resources. Will healthcare providers seize the opportunity to launch the mHealth revolution, or will the obstacles prove to be too much? Read More >

MOBILE TRENDS: The Rising Cost of User Acquisition Hits App Developers Like a Hurricane

While the world of mobile devices continues to thrive with each new innovation, the cost of acquiring new app users continues to hit smaller developers hard in the wallet.  Rising advertising and marketing costs have driven the average app cost-per-user to over $2, and with fewer opportunities to get noticed, the cost for users figures to rise even further. Will the independent developers be able to cope with these expenses? Read More >


Connect Your Analytics and See How Your App is Used!

The MobileSmith platform enables you to connect your Google and Flurry analytics accounts to your app, to help you get all the latest user statistics and trends. See More! >