This  Week’s Top News:

MOBILE HEALTH: The Three Types of mHealth Apps to Build Hospital Success

The mHealth Revolution hasn’t had as much impact as many thought it would on patient care, yet several hospitals have seen a significant boost through offering certain types of health apps. Patient education, home health monitoring, and mobile wayfinding are three of the areas that hospitals have delivered mHealth options to their patients without becoming bogged down in regulatory and security obstacles. Will these apps help the industry feel the positive effects of mobile healthcare? Read More >

MOBILE STATS: Google Play Has More Downloads, But Apple Still Dominating App Revenue

While Google Play has gained a wide lead in the app download race, Apple continues to have a significant advantage where it matters the most, revenue. The revenue gap between the two stores shrank to 60% over the last quarter, and Android’s projected gains predict the lead will dwindle even further as the year closes. Will Google Play finally see revenue catch up with volume or will Apple find a way to keep the money in their pockets? Read More >

MOBILE TRENDS: The 3 Industries that are Taking Over the App Stores 

Since the first app store was launched, only six years ago, over 5 million apps have come through the various stores, offering users mobile options in almost every category imaginable. While social and gaming apps have dominated downloads from the very beginning, several industries including retail and travel have been making an impact as well. Will one of these industries see the next gold rush in mobile app development or will it be the entertainment or health apps that see the most success? Read More >

MOBILE DEVICES: Is the iPhone the Perfect Smartphone?

The smartphone wars are still raging strong, and with Android devices vastly outnumbering the Apple iPhone  and the gap starting to cross into the app stores, the iPhone 6 release is crucial for Apple if they want to retain their revenue advantage. With the increased screen size of both the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, the phone is more conducive to video-heavy apps and mobile gaming. Will the new devices keep Apple afloat in the competition against Google?  Read More >

MOBILE NEWS: Reddit Debuts its First Official Mobile App

The mobile app has been dominating the web in terms of usage, and this past week one of the most popular websites around finally launched its first official app. Hundreds of millions of users flock to the Reddit website each month, turning it into a web traffic powerhouse, yet despite the popularity, it had not offered a mobile app to users until now. Will the mobile app continue to take over and prove its lasting power for one of the biggest names on the web?  Read More >


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