This  Week’s Top News:

MOBILE TECHNOLOGY: MobileSmith: Promoting the Future of mHealth

Always an advocate of mHealth solutions for hospitals and healthcare, MobileSmith continued to share the vision last week, with the folks at Mobile Cloud ERA.  The rise of proximity beacon technology for hospital wayfinding, as well as a minority of hospitals offering their patients mobile apps have spurred the MobileSmith efforts to aid healthcare with our innovative platform. MobileSmith also travels the country, attending multiple healthcare conferences, including SHSMD and HCIC to further share mHealth solutions through mobile apps. Read More >

MOBILE ENTERPRISE: The New Digital Workplace: Are You Prepared For the Future?

The business world finds itself in a unique era, where they must cater to the younger tech-savvy generations or face the reality of becoming obsolete. Creating a digital workplace requires rapid upgrades to enterprise technological systems as well as using mobile apps to streamline communications and increase workflow efficiency. Is the millennial generation poised to take control of this new, technological era for the business world? Read More >

MOBILE TRENDS: Mobile Apps Are Leaving Web Work in the Dust 

Even prominent architects of the Web are noting how rapidly mobile apps have been out-evolving the browser, leaving the main OS providers, Google and Apple, poised to dominate the digital future. With more advanced development kits, and a burgeoning smartphone industry, the best programmers are flocking to app development, leaving the Web far behind. If the death note is sealed, how long can the browser stay afloat in this new era of mobile apps? Read More >

MOBILE HEALTH: Health in Hand: Mobile Technology and the Future of Healthcare

Health and fitness apps are among the fastest growing categories in terms of overall usage, and many experts are studying exactly how these trends will impact the future of healthcare delivery. While mHealth apps have yet to make a truly significant impact, the research potential for several diseases through mobile app data collection remains off the charts. Will security concerns continue to stymie the future of mHealth, or is the Golden Age right around the corner?  Read More >

MOBILE ADVERTISING: 75% of Mobile App Ads Are Just Promoting Other Apps

If you look at your smartphone apps today, you may see several advertisements. You might also notice that the majority of these ads are promoting…other apps. In fact, according to multiple studies, nearly ¾ of mobile app ads are focused within the mobile app industry. With mobile apps virtually just promoting each other, is this a sign of a pending bubble burst, or is the true potential of mobile advertising yet to be tapped? Read More >


Create a Secure Environment to Incorporate Data into Your App!



With the ability to place the MobileSmith platform securely behind your firewall and multiple authentication options, you can ensure that your app’s data is only accessible by intended users.  See More! >

Secure Apps Can Impact the Future of mHealth