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MOBILE TIPS: 5 New Year’s Mobile Resolutions for Your Apps in 2015

The ringing in of 2015 is also ushering a truly mobile-first era in today’s business world. In this dynamic mobile environment, businesses are scrambling to keep up with best practices and deliver the best experience for their consumer. What mobile resolutions can help keep your business ahead of the curve? Read More ->

MOBILE HEALTH: 5 Digital Health Trends You’ll See in 2015

We still have yet to see the full impact of digital health in the industry, and many are looking to 2015 as the year of the mHealth breakthrough. With billions of dollars being poured into digital health, there are several fascinating innovations that have many excited for the new year. What innovations are coming to a provider near you? Read More ->

MOBILE DEVICES: Is Your Phone Poised to Replace Your Keys and Wallet?

With the rise of the smartphone, many former staples of everyday life have fallen into obscurity, but are your wallet and keys next on the list? The technology to eliminate both necessities already exists for many smartphone users in the form of multiple apps and phone features. What apps can help you keep your wallet at home? Read More ->

MOBILE SEARCHBreaking Down the Walls Between Mobile Apps: The Tech Challenge

App search remains one of the top mobile barriers of the new year, yet it shouldn’t be for long. Both mobile giant and start-up, dozens of them, are scrambling to find the golden solution for mobile search. How can you prepare your app for the future of mobile search? Read More ->

MOBILE TRENDS: Apple Dominates Holiday Mobile Device Wars

Apple got a huge leg-up in the mobile war against Android, with the mobile giant taking home 51% of all mobile device activations over the holidays. The Android device share was divided among several vendors. Will these numbers give Apple the mobile edge in 2015? Read More ->


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