This  Week’s Top News:

MOBILE TIPS: How MADPs Help Marketers Fire Up App Development

In today’s business world, mobile apps have provided a superior means of customer engagement, yet app development budgets remain thin. With MADPs marketers find themselves in a unique position to easily meet the mobile needs of their consumers. How can CMOs take control of their mobile app strategy? Read More -> 

MOBILE MARKETING: The Mobile Game is On For Every Brand

Televisions today have been seemingly inundated with commercials promoting the latest and greatest apps. These mobile advertisements have illustrated the importance of mobile marketing campaigns to ensure mobile app success.  What tactics will bring more users to your new app? Read More ->

MOBILE HEALTH: Doctors Say Hospitals Still Making Inadequate Mobile Investment

Despite all the mHealth advancements we’ve seen over the past year, 70% of doctors want hospitals to increase their mobile healthcare budgets. With IT departments swamped, however, hospitals are finding it difficult to find the budget for these apps. How much do hospitals lose due to inefficient communications? Read More ->

MOBILE HUMORThe App Industry is Still Completely Ridiculous

Mobile apps have brought a whole new world of creativity and, in several cases, weirdness to millions of smartphones. Headscratchers like Yo have experienced great success, without providing a clarity on what the app’s actual value is. What strange, but very real, apps can you download right now? Read More ->

MOBILE NEWS: BlackBerry CEO: Net Neutrality for Mobile Apps?

Blackberry CEO John Chen caused a stir this week, calling on Congress to extend net neutrality to the world of mobile apps. Blackberry is just one of the entities desperate to close the app gap between themselves and the mobile giants like Google and Apple. What would Chen’s vision force on mobile app developers?  Read More ->


Your Mobile Marketing Campaign Can Make or Break Your App

You can build the greatest app in the world, but it won’t matter if nobody knows about it. Your marketing strategy is just as important as the app itself, so be sure to focus on that as well.

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