This  Week’s Top News:

MOBILE HEALTH: How Mobile Apps Can Reduce Readmissions

In today’s healthcare industry, the majority of hospitals can ill afford anymore financial woes, with readmission penalties wreaking havoc for nearly half of all U.S. hospitals. In a frantic search for solutions, several hospitals are using mobile apps to foster successful patient outcomes. How exactly can mobile apps reduce these readmissions? Get the FREE Whitepaper! -> 

MOBILE ENTERPRISE: Four Critical Reasons to Build Enterprise Apps

The mobile enterprise is poised to change the face of business in 2015, with app usage and BYOD environments thriving in the workplace. Internal enterprise apps can spur enhanced productivity and worker satisfaction if implemented correctly. What strategies will help your business take advantage of the enterprise mobility rise? Read More ->

MOBILE NEWS: Google Play Wins the New App Battle with Apple in 2014

The mobile war between Apple and Google continues to go back and forth, and this time it’s Google gaining the edge. For the first time in 2015, more new apps arrived in the Google Play store than the Apple store. Will this app advantage translate on the money chart for Google, or will Apple’s revenue edge persist? Read More ->

MOBILE EDUCATION: Google Brings Homework to Smartphones with Classroom App

Countless trees have been murdered in the name of education, as paper has always been the most necessary resource for student and teacher alike. Google is working to save the trees, however, with the release of their new Classroom app, helping to enable a paperless classroom. How will the Classroom app affect the schools of the future?