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MOBILE HEALTH:Building a great Pregnancy App for Patient Engagement – Free Webinar

< Ever thought about engaging your mobile-savvy patients with a branded Pregnancy App?  First-rate advice in the palm of their hand, directly from their healthcare provider – plus a powerful engagement tool taking full advantage of the native mobile platform capabilities.  /a>Sounds like a winner!   Attend our upcoming webinar with a special guest – Customized  Communications – and discover a proven, do-it-yourself approach to building a branded pregnancy app!

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MOBILE ENTERPRISE: Marketers are Blazing New Trails in Mobile App Development

According to a new survey conducted by Forbes Insights, 53% of marketing executives are designing and deploying mobile apps, both internal- and external-facing, as part of their marketing and business development strategies.   With most organizations having only 1 to 3 apps, ultimate responsibility for mobile app projects is scattered across departments.  What are the key drivers of marketers’ mobile initiatives, and what challenges do they face?

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MOBILE TRENDS: Who Will Fill Blackberry’s Shoes?

As BlackBerry is losing market share and planning to slash 40% of its workforce, analysts contemplate who will fill the void created by its impending demise.  Mobiquity’s Bob Seibel sees six reasons why Apple will take over from BlackBerry in the enterprise sector, some of them being the mobile giant’s “reputation for quick reaction to malware, better device management, and BYOD.”

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MOBILE MARKETING: Mobile App Re-Engagement the Next Big Thing?

Marketers may be pleased to know that people are deleting apps at slower rates, but most companies have been slow to invest in ads to drive further engagement.  While still relatively new, the mobile re-engagement market is becoming lucrative.  Will 2014 see a major shift in advertising budgets towards mobile app re-engagement strategies?

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In MobileSmith, you can toggle between the iPad and smartphone app canvases within one app project.  No need to create separate projects – streamlining the look and feel of your apps across multiple platforms has never been easier!

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