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Government Health Meets mHealth

How can key stakeholders bring mobile innovation to government health?  Creating mobile apps doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task for agencies or contractors.  In this webinar, we’ll explain how to use resources already available to tackle mHealth at the government level.

You will learn:

  • How to implement an agile mobile strategy that addresses patients directly
  • Opportunities to utilize available health data in mobile apps
  • How MobileSmith is making mHealth more efficient for key government agencies – no coding required.

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From CIO to CMO – Working Together in Mobile App Development

Should I outource? Hire developers? Can I get started by myself? Creating mobile apps doesn’t have to be a confusing process for any marketing or IT team.  In this webinar, MobileSmith’s Drew Ramsey explains how to create mobile apps code free using resources you already have.

You will learn:

  • Are you a CIO? CMO? graphic designer? What role can you play in mobile app development?
  • 3 mobile app secrets you need to know – From marketing to IT!
  • Tips for getting started
  • Examples of awesome native mobile apps built code-free!

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MobileSmith 4.0 In-Depth – Building Connected Apps with REST and OAuth

Introducing MobileSmith 4.0 – an improved, more flexible mobile app development platform enabling easy connections to your data sources. Now you can design truly useful, connected experiences for your mobile users.  In this webinar, explore the many REST and OAuth use-cases you can implement in your customer-facing or employee apps.

In our latest webinar, MobileSmith Product Director Drew Ramsey covers the following topics:

  • Rapid REST API Integration for On-Demand Data
  • OAuth 2.0 User Authentication for Less Cumbersome App Access
  • Use case possibilities for this technology

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From Idea to App in a Month:  3 Success Stories

Time to market is essential for many enterprise and customer-facing apps. With their IT departments slammed with projects, how do companies solve the quick app development challenge?

In this webinar, hear stories of 3 large companies who leveraged an agile process to prototype, test, and publish their native apps within blindingly fast timeframes and how they were able to simplify the mobile app development process:

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App Creation:  Part 1:  Setting up Your Photoshop Document

In this webinar, we discuss the basics of app mockup design in Photoshop.  Learn how to get started with Part 1 of our App Creation series.

  • Photoshop and app screen layouts
  • Setting up your canvas.
  • Exporting using InvisionApp

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Building a Cost-Effective Mobile Wayfinding App

A mobile wayfinding app is a great tool to engage your customers, reduce their stress level, and improve customer experience.

However, currently available mobile wayfinding solutions can run your development costs up into hundreds of thousands. How to avoid this huge expense and still provide a user-friendly, great-looking wayfinding app for your customers?

In this webinar, we explain the best strategies and use cases.

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An App a Day: Time-to-Market in Hospital Mobile Strategy

Hospital mobile strategy has to be nimble to conform to the changing healthcare landscape and patients’ demands. How can hospital marketers accelerate app development and deliver great patient-facing or internal apps quickly and efficiently?

  • Main drivers and challenges of a hospital mobile strategy.
  • 5 ways to accelerate time-to-market for branded hospital apps.
  • Case study: how a PA hospital built a native app in less than a week.

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Do-It-Yourself Mobile Apps: Where to Start

Do you want to build an app for your organization or small business? Do you want to keep control of your app project… even though you don’t know how to code?

Watch this thorough step-by-step walk-through on how to develop your mobile use-case; wireframe your app; build the mockup and refine your UI/UX. Finally, when your app looks great, how to launch it quickly and update it without hassle.

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5 Ways to Create Positive User Experiences with Mobile Apps

If your goal is not only happy customers, but happy customers who keep coming back and bringing their friends, betting on branded mobile apps is the right strategy!

How can you use DIY app development tools to design addictive mobile UX?

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Building a Great Pregnancy App for Patient Engagement

Length: 20 min
Join MobileSmith and our special guest Customized Communications for a 30-min webinar and discover a cost-effective, do-it yourself approach to creating a compelling pregnancy app without any programming, or hiring developers.

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6 Steps to a Great Patient Engagement App

Length: 30 min
Organizations are investing millions into creating mobile apps for their patients. But you don’t have to! Discover a cost-effective, do-it-yourself approach to creating great patient engagement apps: developing a compelling use case, building your app for multiple platforms, and measuring the impact of your apps on KPIs.

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Create Custom Event Apps that Drive ROI

Length: 20 mins
Organizing multiple events for your customers and employees? Learn how to rapidly create unique, powerful native apps for your events that will help you drive customer engagement and ROI year-round!

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Mobile App Strategy 101: The Agile Approach

Check out a non-traditional approach to mobile strategy. We offer our own company, MobileSmith, as the case study, to show how you can implement a decentralized, agile approach to building your organization’s mobile app portfolio.  Empower all creative thinkers to build awesome apps!