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Building a Mobile Center of Excellence at Your Hospital

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to assemble a Mobile Excellence team at your hospital.  We’ll share advice on getting started creating a MCoE, including:

  • Best practices for performing opportunity discovery
  • App ideation tips for boosting return on investment
  • 3 examples of high impact apps created by top hospitals

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Building a Branded Pregnancy App

Today’s moms are mobile-savvy and rely on their smartphones to keep track of appointments and look up information about pregnancy and newborn care. Your healthcare brand can capture these mobile moments by offering these moms a sleek, interactive branded app with custom graphics and content.  Watch this webinar to discover:

  • 4 ways branded pregnancy apps can improve loyalty and patient experience.
  • Two examples of branded pregnancy apps from major U.S. hospitals.
  • Building a pregnancy app 101 – how to outline functionality, develop a promotion strategy, etc.
  • Interactive mobile functions expectant moms will love!

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Bringing Agile Methodology to Hospital App Development

Healthcare is becoming more and more customer-oriented. When it comes to app development, a traditional waterfall approach no longer works.  Providers are switching to more efficient, agile methodologies – crucial for creating multiple targeted apps.

In this webinar, we spell out how agile process can help your team to quickly build, launch and manage multiple apps for a truly patient-centered mobile app strategy.

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How CIO and CMO Can Collaborate on Mobile App Development

Questions arise when you plan to build native apps for your organization. Should you outsource? Hire developers? Can you get started by myself? Building mobile apps doesn’t have to be a confusing process for any marketing or IT team.  In this webinar, we explain how CIOs and CMOs can collaborate successfully in mobile app development, using the resources they already have.

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Building Connected Apps with REST and OAuth

Introducing MobileSmith 4.0 – an improved, more flexible mobile app development platform enabling easy connections to your data sources. Now you can design truly useful, connected experiences for your mobile users.  In this webinar, explore the many REST and OAuth use-cases you can implement in your customer-facing or employee apps:

  • Rapid REST API Integration for on-demand data
  • OAuth 2.0 User Authentication for less cumbersome app access
  • Use case possibilities for this technology

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From Idea to App in a Month:  3 Success Stories

Time to market is essential for many enterprise and customer-facing apps. With their IT departments slammed with projects, how do companies solve the quick app development challenge?

In this webinar, hear stories of 3 large companies who leveraged an agile process to prototype, test, and publish their native apps within blindingly fast timeframes and how they were able to simplify the mobile app development process.

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Building a Cost-Effective Mobile Wayfinding App

A mobile wayfinding app is a great tool to engage your customers, reduce their stress level, and improve customer experience.

However, currently available mobile wayfinding solutions can run your development costs up into hundreds of thousands. How to avoid this huge expense and still provide a user-friendly, great-looking wayfinding app for your customers?

In this webinar, we explain the best strategies and use cases.

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Government Health Meets mHealth

How can key stakeholders bring mobile innovation to government health?  Creating mobile apps doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task for agencies or contractors.  In this webinar, we’ll explain how to use resources already available to tackle mHealth at the government level.  You will learn:

  • How to implement an agile mobile strategy that addresses patients directly
  • Opportunities to utilize available health data in mobile apps
  • How MobileSmith is making mHealth more efficient for key government agencies – no coding required.

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