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Navigation re-imagined

Gone are the days of hard-to-follow blue dots and static images. Wayfinding has become personalized, making navigating easier than ever.

Instead of relying solely on interpretation of instructions, Photo Landmark Navigation made possible through our partnership with Eyedog Indoor Navigation incorporates real-life images to piece together a more accurate representation of your surroundings, making instructions easier to follow.

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Turn-by-turn directions
with visualization

Helping patients navigate indoors can be challenging with the absence of a GPS system that took decades to create the infrastructure.

Visualizing hallways, waiting rooms, and other indoor structures with overlayed turn-by-turn directions has transformed the indoor wayfinding experience at a much more affordable cost.

Improving the patient experience indoors

With nearly 95 percent of app users finding their destination with our mobile wayfinding solution, hospitals and medical centers can rest assured that patients will have the best possible wayfinding experience with your mobile app.

  • Special Routes — Accessibility to physically impaired patients by avoiding stairs and escalators
  • Broad Access — Accessible to all user-groups regardless of age, literacy level, or language
  • WiFi Not Required — Once downloaded, the app works without an internet connection or 3G/4G
  • No iBeacons Once downloaded, no costly external hardware is required for positioning
wayfinding patient experience

Benefits of our Wayfinding Solution

Cost Savings

According to studies, annual costs due to a poor wayfinding experience amount to $220,000 for large hospitals, or $446 per bed.

Easy Maintenance

Unlike wayfinding in the past, installation is much faster than other solutions requiring costly external hardware. Wayfinding updates occur in real time, making maintenance easy.

No Development Costs

Our wayfinding solution is platform based, eliminating expensive custom development costs. Fully scalable, both self-service and outsourcing is available.

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