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Build a Wayfinding App for your Organization Today

With MobileSmith, you can build a wayfinding app for your organization quickly and at low cost.

  • Engage your customers with relevant location-based content.
  • Assist with indoor and outdoor navigation, parking, check-in, and more.
  • Reduce stress, inject personality, improve customer experience.
  • Boost your brand by offering a unique experience that builds loyalty.

We incorporate and partner with leading wayfinding and technology companies to offer an affordable solution to our clients.

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Improving the User Experience with Wayfinding

MobileSmith has integrated cutting-edge blue-dot, beacon, and geofencing technologies into our mobile app development platform to make wayfinding an affordable reality for hospitals and organizations nationwide.  We make it possible for you to:

  • Deploy beacons and set up geofence(s) around certain structures.
  • Easily customize push messages your app will send to users at specific locations.
  • Point push messages to specific app pages like maps, parking instructions, or check-in.
  • Track time spent by visitors or staff at various locations.
  • Include relevant announcements, special offers, and more.
  • Prototype your wayfinding apps quickly and test them on real devices.

Patients and app users expect a modern user experience – the good news is we’ve made it easy for non-programmers to get started.  Request a demo today to learn more!

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How Mobile Wayfinding Works

How Mobile Wayfinding Apps Work |  Use Case: Hospitals

Geofencing and Beacons

Wayfinding step 1: Parking LotParking Lot
Patient enters the geofence and receives a text message: “Welcome to XYZ Healthcare! Swipe for parking instructions.”

Wayfinding step 1: Main LobbyMain Lobby
Patient walks into the main entrance and gets a text: “Where are you headed today? Swipe to see a 3D map of our facility.”

Wayfinding step 1: Waiting RoomWaiting Room
A patient has been waiting for 30 mins when a beacon triggers a text: “Sorry for the long wait today! Here’s a 30% discount coupon for our coffee shop!”

Wayfinding step 1: CafeteriaCafeteria
While passing by the cafeteria, patient gets a reminder: “Don’t forget to visit our gift shop! Swipe to see directions and get a coupon!”

Wayfinding step - 5: Leaving the HospitalLeaving the Hospital
As the patient exits the facility, beacon sends a good-bye text: “Thank you for choosing XYZ Health! Tell us how we did – swipe to complete a short survey!”

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Sarasota Memorial Hospital Wayfinding App

Sarasota Memorial Hospital Wayfinding App

Using the MobileSmith platform, Sarasota Memorial Health Care has built and launched a hospital wayfinding app to help patients easily navigate its 1.5 million-square-foot main campus on southwest Florida’s Gulf Coast. The app was built without programming in less than 4 weeks.

The Sarasota Memorial app is packed with great location-based features, such as:

  • User-friendly maps for navigating the outdoor areas.
  • Maps and pointers on each floor of the facility.
  • Friendly tips, staff directory, GPS directions and contacts.

“Using the MobileSmith platform made the process of building, testing, and publishing the Sarasota Memorial hospital wayfinding app easy and cost-efficient.” – Peter Taylor, Marketing Director

Ready to Build Your Wayfinding App?

Make wayfinding part of your mobile strategy today.

Our Executive Health mobile app was fully built and ready to hit the Apple and Android stores in a matter of days, even before the agreement was signed. We are impressed with the capabilities of the MobileSmith platform and look forward to using it to create a powerful mobile app portfolio for patient engagement.
Andrew QuinnAndrew Quinn, Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital

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