Mobile Messaging

Chances are, you might be one of the shoppers lined up for Black Friday deals with a branded smartphone app ready to be entertained by mobile messaging – at least that’s what more and more industries are banking on.  Beacon shipments are expected to reach 400 Million by 2020 according to ABI Research, and for good reason.

Smartphone users were found in a separate study to be 6.4 times more likely to keep using a brand’s mobile app when they received engaging content while shopping.  If you’re thinking this technology is only for retailers, you might be surprised to learn how many industries are jumping on board with mobile messaging.

Here are the top 3 mobile messaging strategies that might be changing your industry:

1. Are You Speakin’ Beacon?

By placing beacons near strategic store locations, retailers can send special offers to shoppers using their own branded mobile app, and provide a cutting-edge way to engage with their most loyal consumers.   Not only can beacons be used to alert customers of special offers, they can also be used to communicate with customers at trade shows or other events.

How it Works:

gimbal beacon

A user comes into a 30-50 meter range of a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacon.

A customized push notification is sent to the user’s smartphone.

A custom image is displayed, making it super easy to deliver content or promotions!

 2.  Feedback and Referrals

Another great way to use mobile messaging is by providing a convenient way for customers to give you feedback.  With a branded app, you can easily add forms to make it easy to request information, and even offer perks for referring other people.  Forms are great for getting basic profile information, and also can be useful for managing appointment requests and even newsletter opt-ins.

3. Pushing the Competition Aside

  • Push messages are being increasingly used to connect with customers, not only in retail but also in industries like healthcare, entertainment, and travel.  According to a Kahuna study, opt-in rates for push messages can vary by industry, but were found to be most effective when personalized to provide valuable information.
  • In this new age of ‘pushing’ content to consumers rather than relying on users ‘pulling’ information from other sources, having access to a user’s smartphone is great for sending targeted information they don’t have to search for.
  • Adding alerts and personalized notifications is easier than ever before with MobileSmith.  By using the built-in CMS you can push content to users past Black Friday and into the holidays!

Want to Learn More?

No matter the industry, MobileSmith allows anyone to get started creating awesome mobile apps for their brand.  For more information, Request a Demo of MobileSmith 4.0 and start engaging with customers by creating native mobile apps with no development experience necessary!

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