One of the biggest challenges companies face once they release a mobile app to the app stores is trying to convert downloads into subscribers. It’s mainly about increasing trust, decreasing confusion and simplifying everything! You have a short window when a new users downloads and launches your application, if they have a bad experience, cant trust the app or get confused, they may leave and never return!

It’s very important to understand your user and get feedback from as many people as you can to enhance the application as needed. Different apps target different people, so there isn’t one rule that we can apply to every applications sign up process. Every idea or enhancement should be ran through “the user”. Whether your app is a game for kids, a grilling app for those who love to grill or a navigation app for those of us who tend to get lost too often; think about your user, why they are using your app, and where they are when they are using your app.

Once you make these changes, don’t jump to any conclusions just yet, you will want to have some analytic’s in place so that you can measure the success of the changes. While the data from the analytics and actual user feedback will be a great start, you must remember that every application is unique and additional tweaking may be necessary to achieve the results you are looking for.

Mashable posted a similar article a few days ago with some tips  to increase conversions after your app is downloaded which goes into more detail on this topic.