The current state of mobile application development involves lengthy processes that require large budgets and the reliance on external resources. These challenges hinder many businesses from implementing the mobile strategy they spent valuable time creating. The plethora of mobile platforms significantly affects the ability for businesses to address these challenges. Reaching a broad audience is no longer an easy feat as it is with the web; extra time and money must be spent developing a mobile application for more than just one platform. While the development of an app for one platform may solve a few short term needs, it may end up costing more in the long term, especially when mobile strategies demand multiple applications.


The new paradigm for native mobile application development now gives the ability for subject matter experts (SMEs) to create and manage native applications simultaneously for iOS and Android without the hassles and downfalls of external vendor relationships. SMEs know and understand their market and audience intimately and have the ability to pin point the engagement needed to meet their business goals. Giving subject matter experts this ability ensures that the mobile applications they build are focused on the audience intended to use that application.

The Smart Online™ platform allows you to do just this. Using the platform’s AppCycle™, in 3 steps you will be on your way to creating, managing and updating custom, rich mobile apps. In the AppCanvas™ you can upload your images & graphics, and customize your app’s layout using the split sections functionality.  Choose AppBlocks that you want to include in your app (social media, information page, push notifications, etc.) Then use the AppForge™ to configure, build, test and preview your app; once this is done you can publish to the 2 different app stores. The AppOffice™ then allows you to manage and update your app as needed. Whether it is to schedule regular push messages, change content in your About Us page or add new functionality, the AppOffice will help you get there quickly and easily. This makes the AppCycle a cyclical process where you can always keep your apps up-to-date and fresh.