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Case Study

Sixty-eight percent increase in HCAHPS scores following launch of branded pregnancy app

South Shore Hospital is the leading regional provider of acute, outpatient, home health, and hospice care to the approximately 725,000 residents of Southeastern Massachusetts. The SSH Babies app aligned 40 different referring physicians into a single coordinated care protocol with a patient-friendly feature set.

Within six months of launching the app, South Shore saw their Hospital Ranking HCAHPS scores increase 68 percent and Care Transitions by 40 percent. They also saved $20-$30 per printed pregnancy booklet, turning a previously underutilized and often discarded resource into an accessible, trusted source of guidance tailored for a Millennial-heavy patient base. With an emphasis on improving communication, the app is helping to establish a clear and consistent message with patients, staff, and the larger community.

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