South Shore Hospital delivers more than 3,200 babies annually through relationships with four private practices. In an effort to create a cohesive culture between the facilities, South Shore Hospital decided to standardize expectant and new mother information through a comprehensive and user-friendly mobile app. Developed using MobileSmith Health’s Encounter Blueprints, South Shore Hospital’s Babies App provides patients with real-time information throughout their pregnancy, delivery and postpartum care. Patients now use the app to maintain their appointment schedule and access detailed information on what to expect throughout the entire process, resulting in a better patient experience for expectant and new mothers.

In the following video, Luke Poppish, VP, operational excellence and Kimberly Dever, MD, FACOG, chairman, department of obstetrics and gynecology at South Shore Hospital discuss the implementation of the Babies App and how it increased patient engagement, improved HCAHPS scores, and reduced costs.

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