I hope to see you in NY next week at the Apps World event (11/1 – 11/2).  I’m excited to be a speaker there.  My session is on Wednesday.  My topic is about the New Paradigm of Mobile Application Development.  I have been personally crusading for this recently.  Native app development is just too hard and expensive now for the great and innovative use cases that an enterprise can leverage with a Smartphone.  Smart Online has developed a truly one of a kind app development platform that completely changes the game in this space.  By re-using native code and leveraging cloud computing, organizations can rapidly create (for a fraction of the cost and time of custom development) rich native smartphone applications and backoffice content management systems that are not templated but look and feel like they have been custom developed.

  • Would you like to take your successful campaign app from last month and quickly build and deploy a new app for an upcoming campaign?
  • Maybe recycle some of the same components as your previous app?
  • Maybe don’t use any of the same components?  Use your own custom graphics, navigation, and look and feel?
  • Wouldn’t it be great if you could pull up a nice web interface that gave you the power to remove a component with the simple un-checking of a box?
  • Didn’t collect a valuable data point in your last mobile campaign? How about checking a box to add a field to your app sign-up form in your new campaign app?
  • What if you could deploy your newly created app to just your Smartphone for reviewing internally?  Better yet, how about clicking “Publish” to have your newly created app submitted to the app stores for deployment?

This is what I will be discussing at Apps World.  I hope to see you there and if not stay tuned to SmartOnline.com or @bobdieterle on Twitter for more about this.