Multiple Mobile Apps Rollout - Civitas MediaLaunching multiple mobile apps is becoming the norm in today’s customer engagement.  Smartphone owners constitute 56% of population, and 80 percent of their time on mobile devices is spent inside apps.  Therefore, building branded apps is one of the fastest ways to put relevant information into your customers’ hands. But what if your company is seeking to expand multichannel engagement across hundreds of local branches? How do you build so many apps to accommodate different local audiences within a reasonable time frame?

If you are thinking about rolling out multiple mobile apps, you may face several challenges:

  • How do I customize the UI and user experience for each target audience?
  • How do I make my apps work on both iOS and Android devices?
  • How do I manage content in all of my apps?
  • How do I manage the versioning of multiple apps?
  • How do I minimize the cost and development time of multi-app roll-out?

How One Company Built 80 Mobile Apps in 2 Days

A dynamic, multichannel local information company, Civitas Media, has been in business for more than a century and has more than 100 publications serving various communities around the United States.  Seeing that a growing share of their reader base was accessing information via mobile devices, the company wanted to make their content available via native smartphone apps.

Civitas decided to use the MobileSmith platform, which provides a cost-effective way to build and deploy multiple native applications for iOS and Android.  After only 3 months of prep work, gathering the various requirements and creating custom graphics for each app, Civitas embarked on building and deploying 80 mobile apps at once for both iPhone and Android smartphones.

The result? A grand total of 160 native mobile apps built in just 2 days!

The mobile apps were successfully built for both smartphone platforms, with deployment to app stores scheduled throughout the following month.  Civitas can expand its mobile strategy through unlimited replication, re-use and customization of its mobile portfolio.  MobileSmith also provides a dedicated CMS with role-based access for each of the apps, as well as a streamlined app versioning workflow.

An Easy Way to Launch Multiple Mobile Apps

Whether you’re building a single mobile app or 80, the MobileSmith platform will save you time and cost building and deploying fully customized, full-featured, native apps.  Change your app, re-skin it and re-distribute it across multiple channels to your audience to offer fresh information and a great user experience.