Riding the Mobile Wave with a Sticky AppOne billion is a ridiculously large number. If you count to ten saying one number per second, it will take you ten seconds. If you count to a billion at that same speed, it will take you over 31 years. Now consider that in 2013, over 102 billion apps were downloaded worldwide. 75 billion of those were never used more than once.  Building and launching your app may be hard (unless you are using our platform).  But getting potential customers to download and use it is harder still.

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Why Do Apps Get Abandoned?

The truth of the matter is that 95 percent of apps are abandoned within a month. That doesn’t necessarily mean that users have deleted the apps from their phone.  They could have just relegated them without a second thought to a back page, along with a bunch of of other unused apps.  That’s not what you want for your app, especially if you have invested a lot in developing and marketing it. You want a sticky app, which is used regularly by your customer. So why do most apps fade into oblivion? Unfortunately its not a simple answer.

With billions of abandoned apps, come just as many reasons why they were abandoned.  It could have been poor UI/UX design, cumbersome navigation, sub-par functionality, or infrequent updates.  Or, the user might have found a better app.  You cannot please everybody.  However, you can take steps to set your app up for success. If you have identified your target demographic and know your customer, you have a good start. The real trick is using your mobile apps effectively to keep your customers engaged.

The Mobile Tide is Already In

This is not something you should forgo either. Apps are not only great tools for customer engagement, but customers expect the best brands to have apps.  Americans already spend 55% of their e-retail time on mobile devices.  Consumers use mobile devices to browse products, compare prices, find locations and, more often of late, to buy products. The right app for your company, one that can bring in the customers and keep them coming, can prove an absolute windfall.  Now, how exactly do you create the perfect, sticky app?

Stay Afloat with a Sticky App

Building your customer engagement app, and making it “sticky”, doesn’t have to be rocket science.  There are simple design and accessibility tactics that can greatly enhance your user engagement.

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