How the digital generation is rejecting traditional healthcare IT

The expectations consumers now have when it comes to technology is much different than even 5 years ago. Changing demographics are accelerating the demand exponentially, even as technology in the healthcare industry has not kept pace. As health systems struggle to engage with patients in the digital sphere, a generation of digital natives are seeking alternatives that better suit their lifestyle and preferences. How should healthcare organizations be thinking about mobile strategy in an era of on-demand access and high-information consumers with heavy social media reliance?

In this webinar, we will dive into how you can leverage mobile apps in a more meaningful way for patients without overhauling your technical team.

Date: Tuesday, February 13th @ 11am EST

Join us as we discuss how to reach this digital generation at your hospital. We will cover:

  • How the definition of health is changing from that of previous generations
  • Why a mobile strategy is key to bridging the gap
  • How to launch apps quickly and easily with no IT burden, using a health app Blueprint
  • How a competitive Boston-area hospital improved HCAHPS scores and cut print costs


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