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Build full-featured, native, custom mobile  apps on the cloud; deploy to Apple and Android app stores; manage and update without re-submitting!

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  • 25% savings on 1-year subscription to our platform- get 3 months free!

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Innovative Companies that Went Mobile with MobileSmith

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Traditional App Development:

  • 4-6 months average project length

  • Minimal or no control

  • Simple app updates -> time and cost

  • New App -> new project

  • New OS -> new project!

MobileSmith Platform:

  • Create custom apps in hours

  • Total control in your hands

  • On-the-fly updates

  • Easy reinvention and deployment

  • The same app works on iOS + Android

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Want a quick demo? Contact us today! We would be thrilled to help you design your first app.


3-Step Mobile Development LifeCycle


The MobileSmith™ platform has been designed by people like you, for you – the business experts. You are now in total control of bringing your mobile ideas to life.  Here’s how it works:

Get Creative with AppCanvas™: 

  • Pick your colors and layout, upload images and graphics
  • Name your pages, select your button types… the function set is vast!
  • Set your tab menus and navigation bars
  • Choose your AppBlocks (prebuilt software code sets) to make your app truly unique
  • Drag and drop, resize, reshape – customize to your needs
  • Add registration, social media feeds, and much more!

Your design comes alive in AppForge™:

  • Configure each AppBlock and preview your app functionality – on your Smartphone
  • Make changes if needed back in the AppCanvas™
  • Once satisfied, deploy it to the app stores (iPhone and Android)

Keep your apps sharp and rust-free in AppOffice™:

  • Publish and market your app
  • Make functional app changes in minutes
  • Update and manage content without resubmitting to the app stores
  • Securely manage with different levels of app administration
  • Create multiple new apps and reuse existing content where needed
  • Connect to your data sources

Want a quick demo? Contact us today! We would be thrilled to help you design your first app.

Platform Architecture

  • Full Application Lifecycle Management
  • NATIVE iPhone and Android Apps
  • Deploys to Apple Store & Android Marketplace
  • Multi-Tenant Architecture
  • Multi-App Creation and Management
  • Role-Based Security
  • Tracking and Analytics
  • Disconnected Mobile Client
  • Access Services for DBMS Environments
  • Version Control & Change Management
  • Multi-Language Support

AppCanvas™: Custom App Design

  • Graphical WYSIWYG
  • Drag & Drop
  • Page Slicer
  • Native UI & Menus
  • Icon & Image Library
  • Tool Box
  • Color import
  • Image Rendering
  • Splash Screen
  • Image Alignment
  • Tab Bar & Nav Bar
  • Retina Display
  • App icon configuration
  • App Page Designer

AppForge™: Instant Prototyping & Updates

  • iPhone and Android App compiler
  • Over-The-Air distribution
  • On Phone prototypes modeling
  • Over-The-Air remote client update

AppOffice™: Your Cloud-Based CMS

  • Push Notifications
  • Social Media Integration and Sharing
  • Content Publisher: Rich Media, Lists, Filtering, Search, Map
  • RSS, XML, CSV Data import & Layout
  • Webpage publisher
  • Content Favorites & Bookmarks
  • End user data management

AppBlocks: Pre-Built Native Functionality

  • GPS
  • Mapping
  • QR Codes
  • Tap to Call, Tap to Email
  • Photo Gallery
  • Camera
  • Calendar
  • Contacts
  • Hand Gestures Input

Enterprise Infrastructure

  • Enterprise data storage on the cloud
  • Dual Monitoring
  • High Availability
  • 24/7 HW Support
  • On Demand Storage and Bandwidth