preparing patients for surgeryIn a perfect world, patients would show up on time, not forget to fast the night before surgery, and follow post-op instructions.  When preparing patients for surgery, sometimes no matter how many times they are told one thing, they will do another.  According to Gallup, effective pre-surgery education has been shown to boost satisfaction and reduce reported problems, which is good news.  The challenge is determining if your current pre-op instructions are effective, practical, or hardly existent.

To better prepare your patients for surgery, here is what to keep in mind, and why mobile can help make this process less stressful:

Pre-Op Instructions

Improper pre-op preparation or simply missing appointments was reported by the NIH to be two leading causes for surgery cancellations, accounting for nearly 25 percent.  Here is what you should keep in mind when analyzing your current process:

  • Pre-op resources have proven to be effectiveUAB’s Anesthesiology Department found that patients that were provided a simple multicolor, medication adherence sheet were more likely to follow pre-op orders.  Imagine how much more effective a mobile app could be at providing the same function – how might it affect cancellations?
  • Pre-op preparation = reduced anxiety – Other studies have shown that pre-operative instructions leading up to surgery can reduce anxiety among patients, a key factor for boosting patient satisfaction.
  • What to do after surgery – Since pre-op education also includes what to expect after surgery, don’t forget post-op instructions like therapy locations, contact information, and what to expect in the first 24 hours.

What You Can Do:

  • Create instructions that are simple, to the point, and can be easily accessible from anywhere your patients are.  From editable packing lists to custom alerts the night of surgery, apps are becoming an affordable way to prepare patients for surgery.  Join us on Thursday, November 10th at 1:00PM ET as we discuss building a mobile center of excellence at your hospital:
Creating a Mobile Center of Excellence at Your Hospital [WEBINAR]