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Special Delivery by United Regional

United Regional- Special DeliveryUnited Regional’s Special Delivery pregnancy app is an interactive way to track all phases of pregnancy. This awesome app allows expecting mothers keep track of appointments, kicks, contractions, and more! The Special Delivery app is the second for United Regional, both created in the easy to use MobileSmith platform.

Key features:

  • Milestones – Track every step of pregnancy with a milestone tracker that provides helpful tips and provides images that explain what’s occurring during each week of pregnancy.
  • Kick Counter – An easy-to-use kick counter allows mothers to track kicks with the touch of a button!
  • Appointments – Keep track of all of your appointments easily for every stage.
  • Contacts – Easy to access contact information for OB/GYN’s at United Regional, including a complete directory of physicians.

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United Regional- Special Delivery

United Regional- Special Delivery

United Regional- Special Delivery