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Project Description

HealthKeeper by MobileSmith

MobileSmith - HealthKeeper

The HealthKeeper app was created by the team here at MobileSmith, in order to offer users an easy way to keep track of and analyze various aspects of their personal health.

HealthKeeper gives users the ability to track weight, cholesterol, blood pressure, glucose and various other aspects in order to empower the user to take control of their health. The app collects user-input data and creates graphs for the user to monitor trends and see areas of concern. Further the app contains a health diary, allowing the user to write down and save their own thoughts, in case they might want to share these trends with their physician. The app is available for both iPhone and Android. — Built with the MobileSmith app development platform.

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MobileSmith - HealthKeeper

MobileSmith - HealthKeeper

MobileSmith - HealthKeeper