With some of our customers and at recent trade show events I’ve been talking about the concept of a “popcorn app”.  The idea behind this is that there are things that a company or organization might be able to use an app for, but because of the costs of apps in the current state of development it just doesn’t make sense.  The ROI cannot be found to rationalize the process.  I’ve talked about this so many times now that it has become a part of my anatomy.

It all came home to me last night.  I have a study that I’m doing with one of my church groups that requires that we listen to a weekly 1 hour audio session.  Right now the only way that I can get to that is to be at my computer or to go to the website (not mobilized).  The issue though is that I rarely “purpose” to do those kinds of things when I’m mobile.  Instead I want to have the convenience of grabbing that content during what we call “information snacking” times.  These are times where we are between things, waiting, or simply bored.  15 minutes ago I had the idea to create an app for my group so that we can quickly consume the content on the go, in our cars, while we are exercising…and created an app for it.  On the 16th minute the app was done and distributed over the air to the members of our group.  This is the power of mobile.  This is the power of our platform.

Other use cases can be small events, pitch meetings where you show up with an app…while your competitors fumble with audio, video, and powerpoint.  It can even be an app for 1 person’s eyes only.  The new world of mobile is here, and it is a world for everyone…not just those who know how to write code.