Custom Patient Engagement Apps – No Coding!

[sociable/]Patient Engagement Apps - Quick and Custom; No Coding!

Patient engagement apps are proving to be efficient tools for healthcare providers to empower patients to manage their health, improve adherence, reduce readmissions, and increase patient satisfaction.

Using the MobileSmith platform, you can quickly build and launch a suite of fully customized patient engagement apps:

  • Rapidly prototype and deploy for iPhone, iPad, and Android smartphones
  • Send apps over-the-air to devices, or submit to Apple and Android app stores
  • Manage apps from a dedicated CMS – push messages, upload content, and more!
  • Easily replicate and re-skin your apps for multiple facilities; set up role-based access

We offer a suite of pre-built, proven hospital apps you can quickly re-skin for your organization and launch within weeks.

No need to hire expensive developers, or burden the limited resources of your IT department.  Schedule a live demo today and start building![sociable/]

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Companies That Build Great Apps with MobileSmith

US Department of Navy

UCLA Health

Einstein Healthcare Network

Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital

Defence Health Agency