solving patient demographics Engaging with patients can be a challenge for providers, with many asking themselves if their strategy is really addressing the needs of specific patient groups.  If you’re thinking about this audience, first consider the patient demographics challenge in healthcare.

From a recent AHA survey of 1,400 healthcare professionals, only 56 percent agree that their programs help address socioeconomic determinants like housing, poverty, or violence.  Healthcare is different in the sense that a one-size-fits-all strategy isn’t always the best way to engage un-reached or at-risk populations.  Here’s two simple keys to solving the patient demographics puzzle using mobile apps:

The Unique Healthcare Market

Unlike other industries, the healthcare market includes virtually all demographic profiles – from social class to gender.  Over half of this market – nearly 64 percent of Americans, according to Pew Research, now own a smartphone.  Unlike industries that assume that app users have access to funds as in banking, real estate, or retail – there are no prerequisites to using mHealth apps to make life easier for millions of smartphone users.

Different Needs, Different Patients, Different Apps

A recent Accenture study pointed out that many healthcare apps are coming up short in regards to being relevant to what patients want and need.  Even as some apps make patient information available by allowing access to patient portals, many are coming up short in really focusing on patient care.  What if hospitals and providers focused more on providing apps specifically intended for a particular audience?  Here’s a few examples of what’s possible:

  • cancer care apps
  • sports medicine apps
  • asthma care apps
  • pregnancy apps
  • medication reminder apps

Outside of general hospital apps, could a more patient focused approach change the way mobile apps are embraced by such a wide range of patients?  The MobileSmith platform helps bring to life these unique use cases patients are asking for – while making it super easy to get started building, launching, and deploying native mobile applications – no development experience necessary.

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