Consumer Mobile Apps by MobileSmithThe rapid growth in the mobile industry is in no danger of slowing down anytime soon. A recent report by Ericsson projects mobile data traffic to grow ten times over within the next five years. The time has never been better to engage your consumer base with mobile apps. It’s common knowledge that hiring developers to create your apps can get really expensive. It is less common knowledge that developers aren’t necessary any more. MobileSmith just released three new apps, all created by our graphic design team, to prove that you can deliver an engaging and entertaining app experience without the additional cost of developers. Built with the MobileSmith platform, Snapjinx, PillPal and Respite offer both utility and fun to consumers, and show that you don’t need a developer to create a great app. You only need a good idea.

SnapJinxSnapJinx - Augmented Reality App – Augmented Reality

Using augmented reality to create a unique and entertaining app experience, SnapJinx provides a number of amusing overlays to enable users to create hilarious photos to share with family and friends on both iOS and Android devices. With this app you can turn your dog into Elvis or your dad into Dorothy from Wizard of Oz, and so many more possibilities for photo gold. The addicting experience also provides a level of interactivity along with the fun. Users have a feature within the app enabling them to share any overlay ideas, and ensuring that the voice of the consumer is heard. All this came from a creative mind and a mobile app platform. Imagine all the different possibilities that your creative minds can come up with.

Respite - Work Break Timer AppRespite – Work Break Timer

Respite spawned from a desire to optimize the work day, allowing the user to monitor break times and make any necessary adjustments in their schedule. Using a simple timer feature in the platform, Respite records the amount of time that the user takes a break over the course of the day. Respite, also in the Apple Store and Google Play, is just one example of using timers to deliver a valuable tool. With the creative minds of any marketing and/or design team, there are few things stopping an enterprise from ideating fantastic new tools for their consumers.

PillPalPillPal - Medicine Tracker App – Medicine Tracker

Trackers and reminders are very simple to create, yet can provide some of the most useful tools, especially if the result is potentially life-saving. PillPal is a healthcare organizing app, providing a medication and appointment tracker for users as well as an illustrative meal monitor. The app uses the smartphone camera to create a log of meals for user reference. This technology is all there at the disposal of marketers, designers, specialists and janitors of any industry. The next great app can now come from anywhere, not just the fingers of a developer.

Coming Up with Awesome Consumer Mobile Apps

Any one of your creative employees may have a great idea for the next mobile app for your customers – or for simplifying the staff’s work. As our three apps prove, creating engaging and entertaining mobile tools doesn’t require a developer. Only a great idea.  Get a quick demo of the MobileSmith platform, and start building awesome consumer mobile apps today!