MobileSmith 3.0 Enterprise App VersioningDURHAM, NC – 5-23-2013 – MobileSmith, a leading provider of innovative mobile software solutions for enterprise customers, announced MobileSmith 3.0 – a major new release of its Mobile App Development Platform.  The new release features Enterprise App Versioning, a streamlined, more intuitive UI, important security enhancements, improved Training & Support center, and many exciting new features.

“MobileSmith 3.0 will completely transform your enterprise mobile app development and management experience,” said Bob Dieterle, Senior VP and COO of MobileSmith. “Not only does our Platform enable rapid prototyping and deployment of your mobile apps natively to iOS and Android; it also facilitates app versioning and secure management of your portfolio of apps distributed in your enterprise app store as well as in Google Play or Apple App Store.  Maintaining your organization’s mobile brand is now easier than ever!”

Key enhancements of the new release include:

  • UI makeover: a streamlined, more intuitive workflow and user experience
  • Enterprise App Versioning (EAV):  a more structured way of app version development and release to internal and public app stores
  • Clear visual timeline of app drafts and live apps
  • Multiple live app versions can be managed without forcing users to download a new version
  • Dynamic database segmentation: separate virtual database environments for enterprise users
  • Role-based access permissions to different app builds and content management
  • Revamped Training & Support center complete with a ticketing system, video and document knowledge base, and tools for user collaboration and feedback
  • Carousel view: a horizontally swipe-able view for lists and image galleries

Request a demo of the revamped MobileSmith Platform and see how custom native apps are rapidly created without writing a line of code!

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