Podcast: eHealth Radio Interviews Janna Badalian from MobileSmith

MobileSmith’s Marketing Director Janna Badalian sits down with host Eric Michaels from eHealth Radio Network to discuss the future of mobile in hospitals, and what challenges and opportunities providers face.

Podcast: Bob Dieterle Interview at NCTA State of Technology

Our COO Bob Dieterle discusses the MobileSmith platform and the great customer engagement opportunities it provides, in an interview with Business RadioX® at the May, 16 NCTA State of Technology conference.

MobileSmith’s App Development Platform

In this video, discover the key benefits of using the MobileSmith platform to create native mobile apps for your organization.  Using an easy drag and drop interface, non-developers can prototype, test, and launch native mobile applications in days.

MobileSmith Featured on History Channel’s AppWatch

The MobileSmith app development platform was recently featured on the History Channel’s ‘App Watch’ as the “best app development tool available today”. The MobileSmith platform is a cloud-based solution that allows you to build a custom multi-platform app or even an entire suite of apps without writing one single line of code.

The feature showcases MobileSmith’s friendly interface that allows you to easily design and prototype apps, send them over the air to devices or submit to the Apple an Android app stores. Each app can then be managed, updated, or easily upgraded in the MobileSmith platform.