Gimbal Geofencing and Beacons TechnologyContext awareness marketing via mobile apps using geofencing and beacons is the new hot trend in customer engagement.  MobileSmith has partnered with Qualcomm Retail Solutions to integrate their popular Gimbal™ context awareness technology in our Platform.

Now you can build awesome customer engagement apps that can send relevant, timely and personalized content to your customers’ mobile devices, using:

  • Cutting edge geofencing engine
  • Best in class Bluetooth Gimbal proximity beacons
  • Instant location-based messaging

How Geofencing and Beacons Work

Geofencing is a macro-location technology that locates your app users in areas 50 meters or greater in radius.  A geofence is a virtual enclosure that you can set up around a real geographic area, e.g. a store, a street, a parking lot, or a plaza. Gimbal Geofence will provide always-on, low-power, geofence-based location awareness.  Your app can become aware of a customer’s location, including arrival, departure and dwell times.

Proximity Beacons  is a micro-location technology for areas less than 50 meters in radius. A proximity beacon marks a radio-based enclosure that you set up around a smaller geographic area; for example, a department within a store, a specific street address, a section of a parking lot, or a landmark in a plaza. Gimbal uses low-cost beacon technology based on the Bluetooth® 4.0 Low Energy (BLE) standard, so your app won’t drain your customers’ batteries.

How You Can Engage Customers with Proximity Based Messaging

The new proximity-based tools we offer in MobileSmith can enable you to develop all kinds of customer engagement use cases – for retail apps, healthcare apps etc.

Geofencing Scenario: Find Your Store

User enters Geofence and receives a push notification: Catch the big sale at the nearby Pillgreens Pharmacy!  The user then swipes this notification to unlock their phone and is immediately presented with three options, Locate a Pharmacy, Remind me later, or Unsubscribe, and a message, Don’t miss the big sale at Pillgreens Pharmacy!

Beacon Scenario: Check Out Our New Offers

Gimbal Geofencing and Beacons - Push notificationUser enters a general Beacon inside Pillgreens and receives a push notification; You have great new offers from Pillgreens Pharmacy!  The user then swipes this notification to unlock their phone and is immediately presented with a list of all available coupons from various departments in Pillgreens Pharmacy.

Beacon Scenario: Check Out a Specific Offer

User enters a Beacon inside Pillgreens Pharmacy in a specific department and receives a push notification, Double Rewards points on all Eyewear today!  The user then swipes this notification to unlock their phone and is immediately presented with an offer, incentive, or coupon for the Eyewear department.

Beacon Scenario: Check Out with the Store Credit CardGimbal Geofencing and Beacons - Offer page

User enters a Beacon inside Pillgreens Pharmacy near the checkout/POS and receives a push notification, Would you like to use your Pillgreens Rewards Card?  The user then swipes this notification to unlock their phone and immediately sees the My Rewards Card page inside the app.  The user can present their credit card barcode to the POS to conveniently complete their transaction.

The list of possible use cases is endless!  However, mind that your customer is probably overloaded with marketing messages and is probably wary of sharing their location.  Use proximity-based push messaging sparingly and test your use case thoroughly with a focus group.  The MobileSmith Platform was designed for just that – with quick prototyping, over-the-air delivery, and instant testing on real devices without having to write a line of code.

How to Get Started with Gimbal

  • Sign up for free at to become a Gimbal developer
  • Enable Gimbal for the app you are building in the MobileSmith platform
  • Activate your beacons, draw your geofence, and create your rules and messages in the Gimbal manager at for your app.

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