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Mobile Apps as Tools of Cost Reduction in Healthcare

Spiraling healthcare costs in the US have coincided with an unprecedented explosion of mobile apps and mobile health technologies. The question arises, can hospital-branded apps help reduce healthcare costs?

Explore the evidence and optimistic predictions supporting the cost-saving power of mobile health apps:

Mobile Apps as Tools of Cost Reduction in Healthcare

  • Mobile technology and its actual and potential impact on healthcare costs
  • Examples of mobile use cases for cost reduction in hospitals
  • 5 steps to prototyping and building an efficient, low-cost mobile app

The time to take advantage of mobile apps and cut costs for your organization is now. Discover real mobile use cases for real cost savings – and a way to easily implement them without expensive and lengthy development.

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We noticed that there were a lot of different pregnancy apps, but each had very limited information, so we went through and put an app together that covered all of the things a new mom would need to know.  With the MobileSmith platform, prototyping, testing, and building our new app for multiple mobile platforms proved to be an easy and rewarding experience.

Heather Noack,
Learning Production Manager at Customized Communications


August 10, 2016

Companies That Build Great Apps with MobileSmith

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